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Multidisciplinary Zine, Small Press and Event Platform. Founded in 2017.


Artistic Director//Editor

We have now worked with over 80 artists and realised 16 themed editions to date including our council funded colouring zine 'On the Street', and popped up in many varied venues across colchester from Sip & Tuck Cafe to Colchester Arts Centre. 

We have thus far considered the following themes;

On Beginnings

On Quests

On Forgetting

On Favourites

On Me vs You 

On Failure

Tales for the Fireside

On Wonder

On Friends and Family

On Witches

On Freaks

At Home

On the Street

Tales for the Fireside 2

On Being Alone

On Folk

Our Lockdown digital edition At Home, along with a few other editions, can be viewed here

A delightful smorgasboard of video content from the UnfamFamilia can be viewed on our YouTube Channel HERE


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