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Collaborative Online Residency with Lucy Gayler

37 Queen Street - [SPACE] Studios

Opportunity created by their Creative Practitioner Support Programme

As an ongoing project this information is subject to change at the whim of the artists. The project runs from April- June 2021

Lucy Gayler is a process-led artist who explores ergonomic, biomorphic, sculptural form in relation to the body, usually resulting in wearable or preformative sculptural pieces which endure a process of activation through the body and its movement. Gemma Garwood is a multidisciplinary artist, visual storyteller and ‘Cunning Woman’ based in Colchester, Essex. A collaborative cultural magpie; begging, borrowing and building in order to create beguiling and locally significant works reflecting on how people, place and story collide and collude together. 


For this collaborative residency we will produce a film based upon our engagement with a specific route in the Essex landscape. Collating and collaging experiences, site-specific materials, sounds, memories, narratives and imagery we will weave a work which emphasises both a physical, figurative and historical perception of the Essex landscape. The work will pay tribute to the unifying power of walking and talking, which is how we have been finding and exploring the intersections of our work and personal historiographies. 


The motion of weaving willow has become a recurrent motif throughout the story-finding and making process; thinking about the ephemeral traces that become trapped in between the warp and weft. This will be carried through the project and our alternate augmented Essex landscapes with wearable wicker structures, placed on the body in performance and forming the unifying sculptural part of the palimpsest of the uncanny and folkloric site we will create on film.

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