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The Story Market

Taking the to the town to share the vocal power of the town crier and troubadour. 

Developed in association with Norwich Theatres

Half Day Workshop

What news or opinion would you like to take out on to the streets and shout about at the top of your lungs?


What things do you know or experience that others don’t?


What stories would you tell in this place, at this time?

Come and learn how to shout about what you think is important and share your opinions and stories about the entertainment you want to see in your home town. Take ownership of the space and have fun getting loud and proud about what matters to you by creating some street theatre that can pack a big punch.


This workshop playfully returns to theatre as both ritual and spectacle in a form that busts out of the building and belongs to the people. Playing with the creative and political licence of the troubadour and mixing it with the authority and rallying power of the town crier you can have your say and declare what sort of stories you’d like to tell and to hear about the place where you live.


Working out and about, with clear and simple instructions and exercises, you will be given the space and the tools to clarify, write, devise and publicly deliver a series of small but powerful stories and curated opinion pieces. Come and be critical, celebratory or even just really silly.


The workshop will involve some (wheelchair accessible) light walking and participants are also invited to bring their own portable instruments if they’d like. Accompanied children encouraged and well behaved dogs welcome as long as they are happy in a (very) noisy environment.

If you feel like being a little more quiet then check out my other workshop...Walking as a ritual act of letting go.

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