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Spring 2022


The snowdrops are up and the daffodils and bluebells won't be far behind. Like the bulbs just starting push through the warming soil I have had a slow start to the year but am now cracking on in earnest with the development projects I committed to for the DYCP award that I won. This also means that you will see some changes on this website in the near future as I streamline it to better reflect what it is that I do as an artist. 

Ideas and explorations of Magic and Ritual have really come to the front of my practice over the past year and I look forward to digging deeper into the creative cunning that I have rediscovered in myself. I am spinning it into workshops and exciting new collaborations. I am also privileged to be performing a live art ritual at the Folklore Network's Witchcraft Conference in March alongside an absolutely incredible line up of thinkers and speakers!

With my Unfamiliars project I have been very fortunate to receive a coveted Firstsite Collectors Award this year and I am now waiting by the door for delivery of a fancy new printer! This will allow me to have more control over the zine and to print on demand, which is so much better for both the environment and for my lack of storage space! I will also be able to make more small publications focussed on my own practice and that of other local artists! 

And finally, last winter between gigs Mezzotint spent a lot of time writing a stonking new album which we will be sending out into the world very soon. Here's the latest single to give you a flavour of what to expect.  

I hope that this update finds you all well and you are getting out into the world to watch and wonder as it wakes up for the next year. Keep dancing, singing, noticing and creating. Keep putting one foot gently in front of the other. Happy Spring!




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